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Video: Choosing the right Personal Flotation Device

12 Dec 2011
To avoid tragedy on our coastline and along the River Murray, a personal flotation device (PFD), sometimes referred to as a life jacket, is the season’s must have safety accessory.
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Barbie sunk to snag snapper

09 Dec 2011
An allegedly illegal reef, or ‘snapper drop’ has been found and removed from the waters off Wallaroo during November.
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Change in monitored HF frequency

07 Dec 2011
From 6am 12 December 2011, the HF radio frequency monitored during the day will change to 12290kHz. 
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Aerial shark patrols begin

29 Nov 2011
The annual fixed-wing shark coastline patrols from North Haven to Rapid Bay will resume operating from 28 November and continue throughout the summer between 11am and 8pm on weekdays.
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Suspended sentence for jetskier

16 Nov 2011
A Queensland man has been given a suspended six months imprisonment sentence for operating a personal watercraft (PWC) while unlicensed and disqualified. 
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Nuisance noise an offence

16 Nov 2011
Skiers and houseboaters are reminded to keep noise to a minimum when enjoying the River Murray this summer.
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Change to weather broadcast

04 Nov 2011
The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is making some changes to the high frequency broadcast schedules of weather information to mariners in all states and territories. 
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EPIRB registrations strong

01 Nov 2011
The uptake of distress beacons remains strong across the country with boaties and mariners registering more than 3000 per month.
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Charter boat plan released

26 Oct 2011
A new management plan has been developed for charter boat operators in South Australia to help ensure the sustainability of the state’s fish stocks.
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A safe fit – how to wear a PFD

30 Sep 2011
A personal floatation device (PFD), also known as a life jacket, should be readily accessible for all people aboard before going out onto the water.
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