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Weir pool raising along River Murray

09 Oct 2014

A trial has begun to raise the water in the Lock 1 and 2 reaches of the River Murray.

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Six-month rego from 3 October

22 Sep 2014

A six-month boat registration option will be available on 3 October for small vessels.

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Defence trial – Thistle Island, Spencer Gulf

18 Aug 2014
Mariners are advised that defence trials involving a submarine will be carried out near Thistle Island, Spencer Gulf during August.
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Dredging - Cape Jaffa marina

13 Aug 2014

Dredging operations have commenced on the entrance channel to Cape Jaffa Marina.

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The secret of the 'superior mirage'

06 Aug 2014
Why you might notice ships drifting above the horizon next time you head out to sea.
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Pair survives capsize

31 Jul 2014
Calm conditions disguised the danger one April morning as two friends checked cray pots at Pelican Point.
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Keep clear of calving whales

10 Jul 2014
Following the arrival of a whale and calf near Port Lincoln, boat owners are reminded to keep clear of these large mammals.
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Moorook upgrade complete

25 Jun 2014
A new boating facility has been opened at the Moorook riverfront to cater for a growing number of water skiers.
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Dredging at the O’Sullivan Beach boat ramp

16 Jun 2014

Maintenance dredging at the O’Sullivan Beach boat ramp will take place from Monday 16 June 2014 until August 2014, weather permitting.

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Tow in surfers reminded of a 2 mile limit

16 May 2014
Tow in surfers are reminded to stay within two nautical miles of the shore as they make their way to popular surf spots.
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