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Birkenhead Bridge

15 Mar 2018

Birkenhead Bridge closed to openings

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Jetpilot Lifejacket Recall

18 Jan 2018

The Cause Kids Neo Vest recalled

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Safety Alert: Lifejacket batch fails testing

16 Jan 2018

Jarvis Walker to recall faulty batch from all retail outlets

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Coastal & local waters forecasts

22 Dec 2017

Service Update to coastal & local waters forecasts

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Avoid spreading Caulerpa

19 Oct 2017

Boat owners who sail in West Lakes, North Haven, Outer Harbor and the Port River-Barker Inlet system need to ensure their activities do not contribute to the spread of Caulerpa taxifolia (caulerpa).

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Snapper spatial closures to end in SA waters

27 Jan 2017

All SA waters will reopen to Snapper fishing from 31 January, as the Snapper spawning spatial closures come to an end.

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Reminder to recreational fishers - South Australian fishing rules have changed

23 Dec 2016

Recreational fishers heading out this holiday season are reminded to familiarise themselves with the recent changes to fishing rules.

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Get your 2017 Tide Tables for South Australian Ports

23 Dec 2016

Boaties are reminded to grab their copy of the 2017 Tide Tables for South Australian Ports before heading out on the water this season.

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Watch your boat wash on the River Murray

15 Dec 2016

River goers are advised to keep their boat wash to a minimum on the River Murray and associated waterways due to a high water level putting properties at risk.

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Boating Compliance Patrols

05 Dec 2016

The 2016 summer boating season has kicked off with a focus on keeping boaters safe with patrols to check safety equipment, boat registration and operator licences.

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