Transition of commercial marine

29 June 2018

Transition of commercial marine services

From 2 July 2018

The Marine Operations section of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has provided services to recreational and domestic commercial vessel owners, operators and crew for a number of years and has built notable relationships with industry and small business owners in South Australia.

Since July 2013 all domestic commercial vessels in Australia have been regulated under the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessels) National Law Act 2012.

From 2nd July 2018, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will be responsible for delivering domestic commercial vessel services across Australia, taking over from State and Territory jurisdictions.

AMSA is Australia’s national agency responsible for maritime safety, protection of the marine environments and maritime aviation search and rescue. AMSA are the National Regulator of the National System for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety, ensuring a consistent approach to the safety of vessels and seafarers who are operating in the domestic commercial marine industry. Under delegation from AMSA, DPTI currently delivers national system certification services in South Australia.

Transport Ministers agreed that National System services should be delivered centrally by the National Regulator and that the national services transition project would see the successful transition of services from DPTI to AMSA by 1 July 2018.

Since 2014, DPTI has worked with AMSA to assist the National Regulator in establishing its service delivery model and has placed significant emphasis on a notion of ‘minimal change’ for customers.

What will change for you?

From 2nd July 2018 the single point of contact for all National System enquiries and certification services, including vessel survey, seafarer qualifications and exemptions, will be the National Regulator, AMSA.

For more information about the National System, including guidance notices and application forms, please visit the AMSA website or contact AMSA on (02) 6279 5000.

For further information on what’s happening in SA go to AMSA webpage

What maritime services and functions will DPTI continue to provide to its customers in South Australia?

  • Managing local waterways in South Australia
  • Managing and maintaining aids to navigation
  • Processing and issuance of Pilotage Exemption certificates and Pilot Licences
  • Maritime emergency and oil spill response
  • On-water education for safe operation of recreational vessels
  • Compliance and enforcement of recreational vessels and vessel operators
  • Working with AMSA for the compliance and enforcement of domestic commercial vessels in South Australian waters
  • Conducting marine incident investigations
  • Assessing and issuing Aquatic Activity Licences
  • On receipt of application, providing copies of historic domestic commercial vessel records
  • Management of Port Operating Agreements
  • Management of the States Harbors and Ports
  • Maintenance of DPTI owned maritime assets and infrastructure
  • Provision and updating of DPTI maritime publications

For more information about maritime services provided by DPTI visit or contact the Marine Operations Team.

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