Port MacDonnell dredging project update

26 May 2022

Dredging works are continuing at Port MacDonnell to improve safety and access to the harbour, boat ramp and mooring ground.

The project, which commenced in late March, is removing a significant accumulation of sandy materials at the harbour entrance and mooring grounds as well as a build-up of seaweed inside the harbour channel.

This will help improve productivity for local businesses and the fishing industry as well as ensuring the ongoing safe use of the harbour.

Organic materials dredged from the channel are being screened, drained, and progressively transported to the adjacent western beach, or to the local transfer station.

Since the project began, more than 37,000 cubic metres of sand and 1000 cubic metres of seaweed has been removed.

An area of grass directly east of the boat ramp will also be required by the project team for about two months, after which it will be landscaped with grass re-established.

The dredging works may create a sediment plume in the water in the immediate vicinity of the dredge. Any sediment plumes will be closely monitored to ensure they do not impact nearby ecosystems or affect the safety of swimming areas.

The removal of seagrass wrack may result in a short-term odour, however sediments dredged near the breakwater are not likely to generate any persistent odour.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport is continuing to work closely with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) as the project continues, with works expected to be completed in late July 2022 (weather permitting).

For more information about the project visit www.dit.sa.gov.au/portmacdredging.

Thank you for your patience while these important works are undertaken.