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Body found following Venus Bay tragedy

10 Apr 2012
Police have found the body of the missing 17-year-old who had been swept into the sea off Venus Bay on Good Friday morning.
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Video: How to activate an EPIRB

03 Apr 2012
Transport Safety Compliance Officer Pat Sparks shows...
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Rego neglect sinks sailor's claim

20 Mar 2012
Boat owners are reminded that all vessels with a motor must be registered in South Australia and operators must be licensed.
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Jetskiers remined of their responsibilities after man dies

02 Mar 2012
Jetskiers are reminded to be extremely vigilant when riding and make sure they are familiar with rules regarding speeds around swimmers.
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Navigating around oyster farms

27 Feb 2012
Oyster farms are generally located in relatively shallow water, however are often in places that are still navigable by small vessels.
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Boats endanger swimmers at Milang

13 Jan 2012
Speeding boats have been reported endangering the life of swimmers in a channel at Milang.
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Video: Essential safety equipment that must be carried

21 Dec 2011
All vessels are legally required to carry safety equipment. What's needed depends on the size and type and where it is being used. 
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Safety message for sailors

15 Dec 2011
The summer sailing season is about to get into full swing and it is important sailors appreciate the rules of safe and responsible boating.
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Rego stickers still needed for boats

14 Dec 2011
Boat owners must continue to display registration stickers on their vessels, despite the requirement changing for motor vehicles.
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Propeller alerts don't remove driver responsibiliy

13 Dec 2011
Products now available on the market that show when a propeller is in motion don’t diminish driver responsibility to keep clear of swimmers.
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