Live Safe Boating


If you love boating, you’ll understand the importance of preparation, safety and responsibility. Live Safe Boating this summer by following these seven simple steps before you set off:

Know it

Safe boating means knowing the limits of your vessel. Before you go, make sure your boat is seaworthy and appropriate for your chosen activity.

Service it

Safe boating means being a responsible boat owner. Boats need regular maintenance, servicing and safety checks to keep them ship-shape. This page will help you check your boat.

Pack it

Safe boating means carrying the right safety equipment. You’ll need different items depending on your vessel type and whether you’re in open or enclosed waters. This page will help you to know what safety equipment you need. Remember some equipment like flares, will expire, so make sure you know when replacements are required.

Check it

Safe boating means assessing the weather and choosing a suitable time and place to go out. Conditions can change quickly, so don’t hesitate to head back in. If in doubt, don’t go out. Visit the Bureau of Meteorology to know the most accurate and up to date information.

Plan it

Safe boating means planning your trip. Are you likely to come across any hazards, other vessels or larger ships?

Should you expect any wildlife? Or will there be other people or residents also enjoying the area that you need to be considerate of?

Tell an emergency contact where you’re headed and what time you’ll be back. Consider using a fridge magnet so your family or friends have easy access to your trip details.

You can also log your journey with a Volunteer Marine Rescue group.

Learn it

Safe boating means knowing the rules and laws that keep all of us safe. Remember, boating safety is a responsibility we all share as waterway users.

Wear it

Safe boating means wearing a life jacket, the most important piece of safety equipment on any recreational vessel. Which lifejacket is right for you? Find out here.

A day on the water should be enjoyable for everyone.

For more tips and information to help you have a fun and safe day on the water, visit or refer to the SA Recreational Boating Safety Handbook.